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you know how when a big foofy cat gets wet and you see its actual body and not the stuff covering it you’re like OMG YOU ARE ACTUALLY SO TINY?

the exact opposite happens with Dylan O’Brien


stiles in a t-shirt and barefoot is scantily clad. Let’s talk about that atrocity for a moment.

But also let’s talk about Stiles getting wet around Derek, right. maybe it’s downpouring, maybe he falls in a lake. Who cares. The important part is that he’s wet. And maybe they’re both soaked and drying off and Stiles hates being wet and clothed, it’s the worst. And he’s not really paying attention until he IS paying attention enough to see that Derek keeps looking at him.

And then Derek’s looking away and then he’s looking again and Stiles is about to be all “what!" when Derek’s gaze flicks deliberately down to his crotch and then snaps away. And Stiles’ eyes widen and he glances down and yea okay, so his jeans are sort of…you know hugging that area a bit  a lot and so his shirt is clinging to his abs but they’re derek’s or anything and then he’s looking up and Derek is all flushed and deliberately concentrating on changing his clothes.

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  • camp half-blood:

    every year you're with us, we'll give you a bead with a cool design on it that you can wear on an awesome leather necklace we give you! isnt that fun?

  • camp jupiter:

    every year you're with us, we'll burn a line into the sensitive skin on the inside of your forearm. not only will it be excruciatingly painful, but you'll have that shit on you for the rest of your life. welcome to the twelfth legion motherfucker.